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Created:Saturday, August 8, 2020
Members: Saturday, August 8, 2020 at 21:52 eastern (78 days ago)
Public: Saturday, August 8, 2020 at 21:52 eastern
Expiration:unknown (click this link)
Heat level:this is a good deal
Countries:available in USA
Details:25% to 35% Off Computer RAM and Accessories, Extra $5 Off With AmEx
(expired: the sale expired on 8/9)

Kingston Technology's HyperX brand is known for quality RAM modules for desktop and laptop computers, and for some gaming accessories like computer mice. It is rare to find a hot deal on their products.

They are having a rare sale of 25% to 35% off of certain tech products.

In addition to the rare discounts direct from the manufacturer, we got $5 back when paying with an American Express card that had been enrolled in Shop Small. Surprisingly, Kingston Technology is considered a small business and is listed on the Shop Small website at the time of this post. Within an hour after making a $10+ purchase, enrolled American Express card members may get an email confirming the $5 credit.

Some deals:

SO-DIMM DDR4 RAM (with lifetime product warranty) for laptops and mini desktops: Desktop computer DDR4 RAM (with lifetime product warranty): When shopping, make sure you know what is compatible with the computer you own or plan to buy. Check the computer manual for memory requirements (DDR4, 2666MHz speed, etc.).

For example, Intel's NUC 10 mini PC uses SO-DIMM (laptop) DDR4 memory and 2666MHz speed, and is compatible with the above SO-DIMM memory. If someone is looking at getting the NUC 10, it is on sale for $400 at Microcenter without memory and disk (normally $430 and up). The Mini PC would have very nice specs with the above HyperX 32GB SO-DIMM memory kit for $102, then add an SSD for about $60. That provides a powerful mini PC for under $600 that just needs a keyboard & mouse (wired or wireless) and a connection to a monitor or TV. Its Thunderbolt port and USB 3.2 ports provide a lot of room for expansion, by adding external hard drives, monitors, and an eGPU.

Other than computer memory, HyperX is also selling:

Keyboard & mouse: A deal on a pricey headset: A deal for someone with a Nintendo Switch:
Companies:Kingston, Kingston
Categories:computer hardware

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