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Created:Friday, September 11, 2015
Members: Friday, September 11, 2015 at 11:58 eastern (840 days ago)
Public: Friday, September 11, 2015 at 11:58 eastern
Expiration:unknown (click this link)
Heat level:this is a good deal
Countries:available in USA
Details:OBi200 Voice-Over-IP Adapter for $30, code: EMCAXKK52
Been waiting a while for one of the handful of times the OBi box is on sale each year, and today is one of those days. The Obihai OBi200 Voice-Over-IP Home Telephone Adapter is $45, and new code EMCAXKK52 applies $15 off in the cart. At $30, it is $15 less than its normal price.

This box can replace your home telephone service, with a free Internet-based telephone service. Here is a video on how to set it up, or our text instructions here:
  1. You must have a high speed Internet service, like cable modem, DSL, fiber, satellite, or wireless.
  2. You must have a home router. Some cable services provide a router free with their Internet service, so you may already have one.
  3. Plug the OBi to your Internet router, and your home telephone.
  4. Sign up for a free Google Voice account, if you do not already have one. Assign yourself a Google Voice phone number. (video)
  5. Go to, and link your OBi device to your OBi account.
  6. Wait a few minutes, and you should be able to make and receive calls on your home phone. Google voice gives free calls within the US and Canada.
You are not locked in to any service, and can change Internet-telephone providers at any time. Other Internet-based telephone services are available through the website, and provide additional services like conference calling, call transferring, and voicemail-to-email., Obihai

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